4 Ways that Aluvii Can Help Your Organization Through COVID-19

As discussed in our previous blog post, COVID-19 is ravaging the recreation industry. However, as we learn more about the virus, we are increasingly able to open our clients’ facilities in a way that is safe. Aluvii is leading the industry in innovating on ways that will limit contact with the virus for both your employees and guests. In this post, we will discuss some ways that Aluvii is helping its customers open their facilities in a safe way.

Reservations and Timed Sessions

As facilities begin to open across the globe, an increasing trend among those facilities is the need for limiting capacity and creating a safe environment to make social distancing possible. Disney and Universal are some of the first major parks to reopen in the United States, and are testing a reservation system to limit crowd numbers and stagger entries. The results of this practice have been overwhelmingly positive, and have the added benefit of lower ride wait times and less parking.

Aluvii features a robust session reservation system that is built to accommodate this trend. Through our sessions module, it is possible to restrict access to your facility to a certain number of guests according to a schedule of time slots set by you. In this way, your facility can follow the trends of major parks across the country to bring guests back.

Online Guest Portal

Aluvii’s online guest portal is built so that your members never have to speak to a physical person or visit your facility in order to manage their memberships. Through the guest portal, guests can add members, purchase or renew memberships, and look up their access barcodes. Aluvii was built from the ground up for the web and is leading the industry toward the shift to online providing this convenience to your guests straight from the comfort of their homes. This limits their time spent in proximity to others, and thus prevents potential virus spread. This also helps you limit your staffing needs, as almost all functions can be processed through the online portals.

Digital Waivers and Self-Serve Kiosks

As we learn more about COVID-19, it has been discovered that transmission from surfaces is not as common as previously believed. This allows for increased contact with certain devices. Aluvii’s waiver system is built to be done directly from a self-serve device. Aluvii’s new self-serve kiosks are also cutting down on line wait times as guests can order food and other goods directly from a device reducing contact with employees.

But this is not all. In further attempting to limit guest interaction and potential surface spread, both the waivers and self-serve kiosks can be completed from a guest’s own device. You can set up a QR code in your facility that allows the guests to scan it, and then complete these processes on their own phones.

Touchless Payments

With COVID-19 being spread through contact, Aluvii is equipped with touchless payments to protect both your guests and your employees from cross-contamination from handling cash and credit cards. Many recreation entities were already pushing towards touchless payments, and the COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the interest in making this a reality as fast as possible. One of our Aluvii partners, Cardknox, noted that touchless payments have increased over 150% since the pandemic began. Aluvii already has this feature built into its software, allowing your guests peace of mind when it comes to the virus spread through contact.


As the world begins to rebuild from the devastating effects of COVID-19, Aluvii was already positioned to help you open your facilities in the safest ways possible. In pushing forward contactless options, guests and employees are limited in their exposure to the virus and risks associated with it.

For a case study on how Aluvii built a ticket redemption portal for a customer in less than a week in order to assist with a COVID-19 related need, click here.

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