5 Reasons Your Current PoS Software Is Hurting Your Amusement Park

If your amusement park has been using the same PoS technology for years, it might be time for an upgrade. Yes, there really are better alternatives out there.

Not only are old PoS solutions inefficient, they could also be wasting your precious time, putting your data at risk, and even hurting your bottom line.

Here are five big reasons your current software is costing you, and why cloud-based PoS systems are your ticket to success.

1. Older PoS solutions aren’t all in one.

One of our biggest issues we ran into before we developed Aluvii was that managing our business often meant we were using a boatload of different software. More often than not, those programs had trouble playing nice with each another.

Personally, I think it’s a little ridiculous that software designed to make my life easier winds up causing almost as many headaches as it solves. Talk about one step forward and two steps back.

Needing specific software for ticketing, inventory management or scheduling might have worked in the past when there were no other options, but that time is long gone. The simple fact is that older PoS systems are cumbersome and slowing down your business.

2. Old-school software is more expensive.

Let’s expand on the first point. Running multiple—maybe even dozens—of systems just to manage your park is costing you a lot more money than it should.

For starters, companies selling one-off PoS solutions in the past could sell their products for almost whatever they wanted because there were no other options. If you’re still using these programs, you’re likely paying a big premium.

Second, using a large number of different systems is like ordering a la carte from PoS menu. Separately, each of these features adds up to a huge bill.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have all-in-one PoS systems like Aluvii that roll all of your desired features into one sleek package. SaaS solutions like Aluvii are more like ordering a combo meal or an all-inclusive resort package.

3. Traditional software is harder to use.

Odds are we’ve used some of the same PoS software in the past that you’re currently using for your business. And to be frank, a lot of it is very difficult to use.

Even if you’re a tech whiz and computer literate, that doesn’t mean your staff will be able to pick up on all of your new systems quickly—or adjust to updates on the fly.

The fact is that some PoS systems are just not user-friendly, when there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be. Taking the time to learn (and in some cases study) your software solutions can cut into valuable time you could otherwise be spending on other areas of your amusement park.

If you value your time like we do, it just doesn’t make sense to waste precious hours or days troubleshooting or learning your way around clunky software.

4. Your old software doesn’t run from the cloud.

“The cloud” is a vague term that gets tossed around sometimes purely to make technology seem more modern and exciting, but in the case of your PoS software it can make a huge difference in how effectively your business runs.

SaaS applications that run from the cloud have a huge advantage over older PoS software because they make your amusement park management more accessible, more nimble, and much easier.

The disadvantages of NOT using cloud technology are clear, both from a usability and security standpoint.

Cloud-based PoS systems have the advantage of being accessible from any device with a web browser and an internet connection, meaning you’ll be able to manage and review important information from just about anywhere—and at anytime.

Plus, most SaaS is backed up and kept secure by your software provider’s own IT team, meaning you won’t have to waste money on your own team just to manage someone else’s software—plus, your chances of a security breach go way down.

5. Traditional PoS software doesn’t offer customer self-help.

Unlike older software, modern PoS technology offers troubleshooting and self-help for all front-end portals accessible by your customers.

Allowing customers to assist themselves by providing them with the same easy-to-use functionality you enjoy on the back end saves your staff time and makes customer interactions with your company much smoother and more enjoyable.

SaaS Point of Sale Systems Are the Clear Choice

Web-based PoS software attempts to solve all of the shortcomings of old PoS systems that have been a thorn in the side of businesses everywhere.

Aluvii was built by a team of guys who have been on the other side—your side—and experienced that frustration on a daily basis. We set out to build a better product to manage our own business and succeeded. Now, we’re ready to make managing YOUR park a lot easier too.

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