Best Practices for Electronic Trampoline Park Waivers

Electronic waivers are becoming more popular for many activities, from parks to escape rooms. Many customers want to begin the activity as soon as they arrive, instead of needing to fill out paperwork first. Customers are becoming accustomed to filling out a digital waiver, so it’s important not to let your business fall behind the curve. There are numerous reasons why you should switch to electronic waivers in your trampoline park and things you should keep in mind if you do.

Less Expensive

Electronic waivers are less expensive than paper waivers. The cost of materials you need for paper waivers such as ink, storage, handling, and the paper itself adds up quickly. Digital waivers eliminate extra costs and you will be able to save your trampoline park a good deal of money over time. Extra funds for any business, including a trampoline park, is a significant advantage that can benefit the business in countless ways.

Saves Time

One of the best things about electronic waivers is that they will save you time. It is not uncommon that a customer will not arrive early enough to fill out a waiver, which will set both your customer and your schedule back. Offer electronic waivers that your customers can fill out online before the day of their appointment so that they can head into the park as soon as they arrive.

Easy to Use

Making waivers electronic makes them extremely easy for your trampoline park to use. Instead of needing to sift through piles of paper, you can quickly search in the software to find a specific waiver. The ease of use will make things more pleasant for you and your customers by saving valuable time and energy locating a waiver.

Lower Risk of Losing or Damaging Waivers

Paper waivers can be easily lost or damaged. Even the most responsible employee may misplace a stack or spill a glass of water on them. Paper waivers are at the mercy of human error. If the waivers are destroyed, you will need to ask customers to fill out another waiver, which may frustrate some of your patrons and make your park seem irresponsible and unreliable. Digital waivers cannot be damaged or destroyed. With a reliable software company, you can trust that all the electronic waivers will be kept in a safe and secure digital location.

Customers Will Be Impressed

No matter what industry you are in, it is important to adopt technology advances. Paper waivers will seem archaic to many customers. With electronic waivers, you give your customers the impression that you’ve invested the time to make sure your trampoline park remains updated and competitive in the industry.

Going Green

Many people take into account the way a business treats the environment before choosing one. Though it may seem insignificant, customers believing that your business cares about the environment may be the thing that motivates them to pick your trampoline park over a competitor. Electronic waivers save immense amounts of paper and resources. It is a greener option that will not only benefit the environment, but will also make you more appealing to customers looking to support businesses that are more sensitive to environmental issues.

Electronic Waiver Tips: Make Waivers Convenient

Even though electronic waivers are inherently more convenient, there are steps you need to take to make it easy for customers to access and fill out the waivers. Make sure that your website clearly offers a PDF with the electronic waiver online and that it is easy to find so they can print it and bring it in with them on the day of their appointment. If you have the funds, you should also install kiosks in your trampoline park. It will give customers the ability to fill out digital waivers even if they forget to do it at home.

Do Not Forget to Check Identification

Unfortunately, electronic waivers do not completely omit the need for workers to check with customers before they begin playing in your trampoline park. If they use a fake name and suffer an injury or break something, things could become extremely complicated. Your workers should check each person’s ID and match the information to the electronic waiver before letting them play in the park. If the person is a minor, check the adult’s ID.

Verify a Previous Waiver

Some customers may come in and claim that they have a waiver on file from the last time they visited the park. Workers who are careless or in a rush may take the person’s word for it and let them through. Similar to not checking identification, this could land your business in trouble.

Make sure that your workers check a person’s waiver if they say they have one on file. Electronic waivers expire after a certain number of years so it is possible that they filed a waiver in the past but it is no longer valid. As a trampoline park, liability waivers are absolutely vital so you must be sure that everyone allowed in your park has a valid waiver.

Make Sure the Waiver Is Clear

It is imperative that people understand what they are agreeing to when they sign your waiver. Your electronic waiver should be extremely clear. Explain things in detail but use straightforward phrasing that all of your customers will be able to understand. Specifically, name the people that are accepting responsibility. Make sure it is clear that the person is releasing you from liability if they suffer an injury.

You should also try to keep the waiver to a single page. If your waiver becomes too long, people are less likely to read it through completely, increasing the chances that they will sign it without understanding what they are agreeing to. Do not include links to other pages. All of the necessary information should be included on the waiver itself. Make sure that the person is agreeing both to the terms and to reading the entire waiver when they sign.

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