How Aluvii’s Evolution is Key to Your Organization

If you’re familiar with Aluvii Software, you know that we have the most aggressive feature roadmap among point of sale systems in the amusement and leisure industry. That is because we live in your shoes operating amusement facilities. The Aluvii product will never be done. And that may be more important now than it ever is.

How Aluvii Came to Life

We owned and operated four water parks, three fun centers, a bowling alley, and other amusement and leisure businesses. There was the need for a system for admissions, a system for food orders, a system for online sales, a system for memberships, a system for retail, and on and on the list went. The cost of licensing and maintaining multiple different on-premise installable softwares became exorbitant. Sometimes the software didn’t integrate well with hardware that was needed for a different software. The software systems did not talk to each other, and the worst part of it all, most of these softwares came as they were, with limited support and almost no updates. Within a few years many of these systems were completely outdated, and occasionally, obsolete.

We were faced with a problem. We could keep paying for all these old, exclusionary systems. Or we could invest in our own. We also had a software background, and decided that the industry needed what we wanted to build. Thus, Aluvii was born.

Aluvii’s Evolution

It wasn’t all smooth sailing at first. Aluvii was tested at our parks, and we had our share of hiccups. The modules rolled out slowly. At first, the only function was managing our guest memberships. But as more modules were added, more redundant software was able to be removed from the park. After a few years and a very large investment, the parks were self-sustaining on the Aluvii platform.

The beauty of Aluvii is that it is the complete antithesis of all the software that the parks were running on. The software was old, out-of-date, and dead. Aluvii, conversely, is always changing. Aluvii constantly releases new software updates, features, and fixes bugs. Aluvii is never done. Aluvii is alive, and we listen to  our customer’s needs to be the best recreation software on the market.

With the current update, we are proud to introduce our newest feature: the Feature Request Module. This module is specifically geared to help customize new features that your organization requires to run better. With the feature, you can also see what others have requested, and vote on what features we prioritize. This way, our customers are heard, and we continue to get better.


The beauty of Aluvii is its evolution. Our customers are no longer stuck with software that is obsolete, and lacking in customer service. We constantly watch the trends in the industry, but most importantly, we listen to our customers and strive to keep up with updates that will help you.

To read about one instance of Aluvii helping one of our customers solve a problem due to COVID-19, click here. To read more about how the Feature Request Module works, click here.

Additionally, you can read the recent history of Aluvii’s release notes here to see the new features we’ve recently rolled out.

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Scott Salvesen
Scott Salvesen
Scott received his Bachelor's Degree in Outdoor Recreation from Utah Valley University. He is a current Master's student at the University of Florida's prestigious Tourism and Recreation program, focusing on ecotourism and natural resource recreation.

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