Online Ticket Reservation – Adapting to a Post-COVID World

Aluvii created an online ticket reservation portal for one of its clients in a matter of days to assist with COVID-19 needs.  Because Aluvii is built on modern technology in the cloud, Aluvii can innovate quickly and integrate efficiently with third-party systems to adapt to customer needs.  Aluvii has the most aggressive product road map in the industry.  In this article, we will explore the case study of a problem that Pass of All Passes, one of our Aluvii clients, was dealing with.

Pass of All Passes

Pass of All Passes is company based out of Provo, Utah that partners with multiple recreation, sports, and arts facilities to allow access for passholders. Some of their clients include major universities, professional sports teams, fun centers, and theaters.


Pass of All Passes was hit just as hard as other companies in the recreation industry, as many of their partners – especially the sports offerings – had been shut down to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one of their clients, the Scera Shell Outdoor Theater in Orem, Utah, announced that they would be reopening with strict social distancing guidelines. Pass of All Passes holders were entitled to attend one free show during the summer season. However, this caused an issue in that pass holders were not able to reserve their tickets on-site due to social distancing guidelines. Pass holders needed a way to reserve their tickets without having to stand in long lines, increasing their risk of potentially becoming exposed to the virus.

Additionally, Pass of All Passes and the Scera Shell wanted to keep track of pass holders who had already reserved their tickets. Since Pass of All Passes has literally hundreds of thousands of active users, this presented a logistical nightmare if this process was completed manually.


Pass of All Passes turned to Aluvii for help. The answer came in the form of a completely new online portal. Aluvii developed this portal for Pass of All Passes in a matter of days.

Pass holders would arrive at the online portal, where they would verify that they have current passes.

online ticket reservation
online ticket reservation

Pass holders could either use the email address associated with their membership account, or the barcode that appears on their passes. The portal would then send the pass holder an email, verifying that they are indeed the members associated with the account.

Following the verification process, pass holders would then be able to reserve tickets to the shows from the portal.

online ticket reservation

The portal automatically restricted the number of tickets that could be reserved to the number of active passes on the account, preventing excessive registrations. It also limited overall reservation quantities to prevent overbooking.

To solve the logistical issue of keeping track of reservations, Aluvii  built an administrator login page inside the portal for the Scera employees to be able to access.

online ticket reservation

Because Scera also wanted to pre-print tickets to keep the process moving as fast as possible, Aluvii added multiple options to keep track of the process.

Firstly, Aluvii added the option for printing. Scera employees could print out the tickets for will call. Secondly, when guests came to pick up their tickets, Scera employees could check off the option for pickup, indicating that the guest has already retrieved their tickets. This process prevents the current pass holders from reserving more tickets than their entitlement allows, and prevents the logistical issue of keeping track of who has picked up tickets already.


Aluvii is constantly evolving to fit the needs of our clients. Its modern technology architecture allows for quick innovation and agility.  The COVID-19 pandemic has hit recreation businesses hard. However, as these facilities work towards reopening their doors, Aluvii has made it its mission to be as helpful as it can. The ticket reservation portal developed for its client, Pass of All Passes, is one of the many ways that we are working to accommodate our clients to safely reopen their facilities. The online portal has helped Pass of All Passes keep track of reservations, as well as limiting contact to stem the spread of the virus. In this way, our innovation has helped our clients remain in business and continue to recover from the effects of the virus shutdown.

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Scott Salvesen
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