Which Mobile POS Hardware Should I Buy?

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Are you interested in taking mobile orders and payments?  There are several establishments where the option of mobile POS hardware seems daunting. You’ve got to make a million decisions and spend time and money and don’t want to spend much money.

Here are some extra considerations in selecting mobile POS hardware and few options. Few options recommended by Aluvvii.

Additional Considerations for Mobile POS Hardware

Consider the following additional possible characteristics in your mobile POS hardware selection:

  • Rugged – your hardware will be in a lot of busy hands day in and day out. It needs to be resistant to drops, dust, outdoor weather, and consistent day-to-day use/abuse.
  • Long Battery Life – mobile POS hardware is unplugged. You must have a battery that lasts through a workday of consistent use. It is better to check the battery capacity at least 7500mAh.
  • Bright Screen – will you be using your tablet in the sunlight? If so, in a sunlight setting, make sure you can see what’s on the screen. Be sure the screen is bright enough.
  • EMV or Swipe Hardware – will you be dipping or swiping the customers’ cards? If you will be using an EMV or swipe hardware it is better to check the hardware that is compatible to work smoothly. Allow the operator to process debit and credit card payments. 
  • Size – all of the above components must be small and light enough to hold in your hand, yet large enough to efficiently navigate the software’s user interface.
  • Accessories – carrying cases, hand straps, and charging docks add to the expense of the solution, but most of the time, pays for itself in protecting against damage.

Recommended Mobile POS Hardware for Aluvii

The Quest Tablet III by Touch Dynamics runs Windows OS and comes with 10″ or 7″ screen. The 10″ has a built-in EMV chip reader that is compatible with Cardiknox and Aluvii. Both the 10″ and the 7″ have a swiper that will work. 

POS-X manufactures the EVO Tab 8 with an 8″ screen. An optional EMV payment system accredited to level 3 offers the ideal solution for line busting or paying at the table

Another less expensive option is the Microsoft Surface Go. It would require a bit more improvisation like attaching a card swipe or dip device to it with some double-sided foam tape and some mixing and matching with peripherals and USB cord management or Bluetooth connections, but someone set on saving some money could come up with something functional.

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