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Cashless Arcade

Manage your entire arcade business in the cloud with cashless RFID readers, built-in POS, self-service kiosk, and prize redemption.

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More features for arcade facilities

Until now, arcade facilities have been forced to use multiple systems to manage their attractions, parties, memberships, online sales, food & beverage operations, etc. This required them to pay extra for multiple systems, work around limited system integrations, and restrict business creativity. Our built-in cashless reader hardware and complete arcade software eliminates these trade-offs by providing a truly all-in-one solution for arcade facilities.

Built-In POS

Aluvii’s arcade hardware and software are natively built-in to Aluvii’s all-in-one amusement POS software


Reader hardware intuitively and reliably interfaces with customers via RFID tap.

Self-Serve Kiosk

Sell and dispense RFID cards from a self-service kiosk, and then check balance or reload value.

Cashless wallets

Customer wallets to manage cashless balances, tickets, media, and view play history.

Prize Redemption

Prize redemption module includes customer display, barcoded items, and prize inventory.

Virtual tickets

Award players with virtual redemption tickets that are easily redeemed for prizes.

Cloud Based

Manage your arcade from anywhere with no on-site server hardware, and it works offline.


Designed from the ground up to efficiently manage multiple arcade locations from one login

Open api

Expand and customize your arcade with our comprehensive open API.

Feature-Rich Reader Hardware

Our modern cashless reader was meticulously designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials to keep your business online at all times.

The time is now for cashless

Customers prefer cashless. Aluvii makes it easier for you to deliver. Our built-in cashless reader system is developed with the latest cloud-based technologies – that means real-time updates, no on-site servers, no IT staff, no down time, and it’s accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Also works offline when internet connection is disrupted.

Cashless Arcade

Easy to Configure & Manage

Because our card reader is cloud connected, the hardware is can be remotely configured and managed through a modern web interface; therefore, Aluvii’s renowned support is just a chat, call, or email away to step in and remotely resolve your problem. Software and firmware updates are deployed over-the-air to each device, so an impromptu promotion can be set up quickly. 

modern & Sleek Design

The modern round design of the readers with its attractive LED lighting will wow your customers. The light patterns be customized to wave, flash, rotate, and more.  LED light colors are also fully customizable and the full-color high-definition screen displays custom HTML, so that your brand is at the forefront with any display you can imagine.

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Robust Use Cases

Card readers can be set to timed play, consuming entitlements, accepting custom currencies such as arcade credits, tickets, attraction points, etc. so the use cases are robust.  Cost schedules can be configured to take advantage of peak times. 

Ideal for Route Operators

Aluvii’s arcade management module has been built from the ground up with route operators in mind.  We know that with multiple locations, you have unique needs and you need to be efficient.

Share products, wallets, entitlements, credits, tickets, etc. across multiple locations for synergistic cross-location promotions.

Reporting information is available at a summary level for all locations with the ability to drill down to individual locations and game detail. Reports are in the cloud, so they are available any time, anywhere, from any device.

With multiple locations across a vast geography, remote cloud configuration and management of hardware devices is a must.  With no on-site servers and over-the-air software and firmware updates saves you a trip to the location to touch each game reader. 

Aluvii’s modern cloud-based infrastructure allows the operator to configure and manage the system remotely eliminating the need to tunnel into on-site servers to configure the system, perform server maintenance, or pull reports.

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