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Advanced Features

Real-time Bookings

No more double bookings with our real-time availability calendar

Capacity Management

Effortlessly track capacity in your party rooms and your facility

Mobile Friendly

Customers can book easily from any device including their smart phone


Upsell your customers with party customizations

Custom Packages

Create flexible packages for your customers to choose from

Calendar View

Easily view upcoming events on your calendar

Easy Check-in

We make it quick and easy to account for everyone coming through the door

Digital RSVP

Allow party guest to send SMS invites to their attendees (coming soon)

Much more!

Custom fields, guest lists, advanced pricing, schedules, deposits, etc.

Become A Booking expert

If you’re like many of our customers, birthday parties are the life blood of your business, and your parties are unique. Learn more about how our free online booking software advanced features will maximize your guest experience and revenue.
free online booking software

Optimize your capacity

It can be tricky to optimize the capacity at your facility when you have limited space. But maximizing the space you have is critical to your success. Sometimes you even want them in and out of the party room and on to the play area making room for the next party. Aluvii’s party module allows this to happen by transferring guests to keep your bookings full.
With Aluvii’s free online booking software advanced packages and party room management, you can book out every available room, table, or bay without overbooking or losing out on precious real estate.

Book parties while you sleep

Your customers are busy and can’t always call to book parties during business hours. With Aluvii’s online booking software and mobile bookings, your customers can book whenever it’s convenient for them. You’ll be making money in your sleep.

Book Parties While You Sleep - Event Booking
free online booking software

Advanced Tiered Pricing

Party pricing can be complicated, and each package is different. Let’s say you want 10 kids included with the party price, but each additional child is an extra fee per child up to a total of 20 kids possible…. And Adults are free up to 10, but the total capacity can’t exceed 25 in the room….

Easy peasy! With Aluvii’s free online booking software advanced, there is virtually no scenario you can’t do. 

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free online booking software
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free online booking software

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