Theme Park POS Software

Thoroughly capable theme park POS software to systematize all sales and payments to streamline your business tasks.

Point of Sale Software

Advanced Features

Timed Sessions

Reserve slots at your facility with timed sessions and never overbook. Integrates with parties.

Gift Cards

Sell, manage, and pay with unlimited custom-branded gift cards


Customize orders exactly how your customers want, and ties seamlessly with inventory tracking.

Kitchen Order Display

Send food & beverage orders to the kitchen to efficiently fulfill your customers' orders.


Build robust, rule-based discount packages and track promotion success with multiple codes.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of stock levels in real time at all inventory sites and get notified when stock is low.

Tips & Tabs

Open a tab for your valued customers and tokenize credit cards for restaurant-style tipping.

Cash Control

Issue cash tills and account for all cash exchanges to keep cashiers accountable.

Arcade integration

Integrates with Embed and Intercade to load, modify, and lookup game cards.

Better POS for Faster Tasks

POS software’s design and processing determine its usability. When the employees have to brainstorm for every single task in a POS system, that’s not a practical approach. Aluvii theme park POS software provides easy-to-understand and smart services to support all business operations. 

Amusement Software

Inclusive POS software 

A cloud-based POS tool makes business tasks easier and more secure. Aluvii’s approach of bringing all business operations together makes it a go-to option for any business. 

From sales reporting to payment processing, Aluvii’s user-friendly processes are unmatchable. Aluvii keeps tabs on a business’s sales, accounts, payments, check-ins, and employee data with its integrated setup.

Minimalist and Fast-Loading UI

A POS system’s speed and functionality should be top-notch – Aluvii takes the lead here. With the best UI designers and developers behind these projects, Aluvii’s interface was bound to be exceptional. No training or brainstorming is needed for dealing with Aluvii. This easy, fast, and efficient system is perfect for any team, regardless of its experience with cloud-based tools. 

Point of Sale Software

Secure and Fast Payment Support 

Risking users’ payment information is off the charts with this secure POS system. Aluvii’s compatibility with all accredited payment systems makes it a reliable tool for every business. No hidden charges or security threats will hinder business processes with Aluvii to the rescue. Its EMV chip technology and feature-rich payment solutions are here for the win. 

Device Support and Security 

Access your business’s sales data from anywhere in the world. Aluvii digitizes everything to reduce your workload and increase business efficiency. There is no need to worry about device compatibility or speed because Aluvii is the only POS system you need to go digital with your business. 


Our customers love our Point of Sale module

Trusted by thousands of users to provide a seamless sales experience.
Theme Park POS Software
Theme Park POS Software
Theme Park POS Software
Theme Park POS Software
Theme Park POS Software

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