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Aluvii is amusement management software & leisure POS, ticketing, e-commerce, event party booking, memberships, time clock, and so much more. Easily manage your business in the cloud.

Amusement Software

Amusement management software— reinvented.

We know that running an amusement or leisure business can be hard work. There are a million things to pay attention to. Fortunately for you, things just got easier. Aluvii Amusement Management Software has changed the game by packaging all of your expensive software systems together into one cloud-based, easy-to-use platform, and for a fraction of the cost. It’s truly revolutionary!

Everything you need for Amusement Management Software, period.

Everybody talks about all-in-one amusement management software, but Aluvii has actually delivered as the only true all-in-one POS software solution that gives you nearly every tool you need to run your business. From ticketing and admissions to access control and e-commerce, Aluvii’s got you covered. And the integration between modules will make your life easier and operations run smooth.


Point of Sale Software

Manage, discount or sell any product including gift cards and arcade cards with any type of payment.

Create customized tickets for any combination of product and discount, then print them with your current ticketing hardware.

Create, sell, modify and track all of your gift cards—easier and cheaper than ever before.

Sell tickets and products, book reservations—integrated seamlessly with Aluvii’s other modules.

Allow your guests to manage their accounts from any device with a browser, quickly and conveniently.

Customers can easily order food, buy tickets, and sign waivers without any employee interaction.


Easily manage your customers’ memberships or season passes with extremely flexible configurations and recurring billing.

Manage all your birthday parties including custom party packages, party rooms, capacities, online bookings, and much more.

Manage all your special events in one place including guest lists, tickets, and check in. Classes are also a breeze using Aluvii.

Build waivers in a matter of seconds, and give customers access across all of their favorite devices—protecting your investments and your business.

Aluvii gives you all the tools your business needs to make inventory management easy, accurate and reliable.

Configure, test and manage your business’ peripheral hardware devices, remotely in the cloud.




Protect and secure employee information. Easily oversee system permissions and user access.

Use our easy time clock module for tracking hours worked and labor cost for your staff.

Stay current on real-time labor costs and hours tracked. Never miss a payroll again with easily exportable reports.

An Amusement Management Software Designed Specifically for

Adventure Parks

Amusement Parks

Aqua & Wake Parks

Family Fun Centers

Indoor Playgrounds

Ski Areas

Trampoline Parks

Water Parks

Zoos & Aquariums

Why is Aluvii Amusement Management Software so revolutionary?

Aluvii is truly revolutionary. Revolutionary because nowhere else will you find a total, all-in-one set of tools that manages virtually every aspect of your business. Revolutionary because it’s cloud based, making it affordable and accessible. And revolutionary because it’s easy and intuitive with very little setup.

Incredibly Easy

Tweak POS elements, schedules and more to meet the unique demands of your business. Update and modify wherever and whenever you need to.

Extremely Affordable

No IT staff necessary. No unnecessary software or servers. Save thousands with one easy monthly payment.

All in One

Manage EVERYTHING in one place. Save time, save your sanity.


Manage Amusement Management Software from anywhere. Everything from registers to member data to essential reports are always available, up to date and secure.


Totally optimized for mobile devices, Aluvii’s digital pass makes plastic membership cards completely obsolete

Hardware is Easy

All you need is a web browser. Aluvii works on Mac, PC and tablets. Peripheral devices supported with Windows; It may even work on your current POS hardware.

Auto Updates

No more annual amusement management software update fees. Enjoy timely updates all year, every year, at no added cost.

Seamless Locations

Whether you have one location or a hundred, share important reports, information and member access across all of your sites.

Fully Integrated

Integrate Aluvii amusement management software with third-party apps to connect accounting, CRM, advanced analytics, and tons more!

Our Clients


Businesses from all over are using Aluvii.

“This industry has been starved for an all-in-one solution and Aluvii – Amusement Management Software has delivered just that”

-Drew Raymond, Operations

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Aluvii is giving back to the amusment industry with its Platinum Sponsorship at IAAPA in 2021. Come visit us this year to see how we can help your business.

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