Sell Manage Staff Report

Aluvii gives you the power to run your entire amusement & leisure business. Welcome to the revolution.

Sell Manage Staff Report


There’s a fine line between simplicity and complexity in a point-of-sale, and Aluvii walks that line like no other software. It’s easy for employees to learn and provides them the tools they need to give top-notch service. It’s like point-of-sale reinvented.

  • Gift Cards – sell, manage, and pay with unlimited gift cards
  • Product Lookup – full-text product search from all registers
  • Loyalty Program – tie guests to transactions for sales tracking and rewards
  • Modifiers – modify any order to fit exactly what guests wants
  • Discounting – build simple and robust discount packages for any scenario
  • Reporting – stay on top of the action with real-time sales and analysis reports
  • Hardware – supports almost all cash drawer and receipt printer models


Aluvii is one of the leading ticketing solutions in the industry, and it integrates seamlessly with our built-in eCommerce, POS, and Access Control modules. From creating fully customizable templates in the back office to scanning tickets at the front entrance, there’s nothing more you’ll need from a ticketing software. You're welcome. Ticketing just became fun again.

  • Custom Templates – if you can think it, you can create it
  • Access Control – validate any ticket from any access point
  • Ticket Groups – perfect for parties, bulk printing, and employee accountability
  • eTickets – online ticket sales emailed as a convenient eTicket
  • Reporting – track usage, consumption, and breakage all in real time
  • Hardware – use your existing hardware to print tickets on the fly

Gift Cards

Gift Card Management allows you to store all gift card information and balances as well as modify and bulk generate for any purpose. It’s the flexibility and customization that you’ve hoped for, but couldn’t find.

  • Bulk Generate – generate multiple gift cards for promotions and giveaways
  • History – Aluvii tracks all user activity to prevent unauthorized use
  • Balance Tracking – keep track of current balance and original balance
  • Reports – view all outstanding balances and sales related to gift cards
  • Custom Types – set up custom types to manage expiration dates and terms & conditions


Want to improve your online sales revenue? Aluvii e-commerce is the way to do it. We make the purchasing experience fun and easy and remove the headache. Even your guests will notice the difference. It’s time to take your web store to the next level.

  • Sell Anything – any products or membership already in Aluvii can be sold online
  • Make Reservations – reserve umbrellas, book a party room, and everything in between
  • eTickets – guests receive a customized eTicket included with their email receipt
  • Voucher Codes – purchases can be redeemed through Aluvii using voucher codes
  • Recent Purchases – guests can review recent purchases and receipts with login

Guest Portal

Empowering your customers to manage their own accounts so that your employees don’t have to is a game changer. Give them as much control as they need, saving them—and you—time and energy. Oh, and it can even be done using any device, anywhere. Simply amazing.

  • Digital Passes – passes and tickets can be accessed and scanned digitally
  • Upload Photos – guests can upload their own photos on their own time
  • Edit Account – maintain personal information and keep it all up to date
  • Purchase Memberships – buy memberships directly from the portal
  • View Memberships – find passes and expiration dates for all family members
  • Intuitive Interface – guests will intuitively navigate the portal on the first login


Aluvii comes equipped with RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) allowing you to instantly identify customers and provide access or purchases using cards or tags. This technology serves the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip on a credit card providing a unique identifier for each customer.

  • Admissions and Ticketing – provides member access and admission
  • Keyless Entry – secure entry access to doors and lockers
  • Line Queue Control – manage lines and crowd control
  • Cashless POS – provide pre-pay access to arcade, food, and attractions
  • Guest, Employee ID and Tracking – track guests and employee access

Sell Manage Staff Report


Aluvii Membership Management has everything you need already built in, including… everything. Starting with a universal search, you’ll have the guest’s entire account at your fingertips and all the tools you need to make them happy. Our Membership Management is like no other.

  • Split & Merge Accounts – split one account into two or merge two accounts into one
  • Print Cards – customize templates and print membership cards on the fly
  • Renewals – renewing guest memberships is as easy as checking a box
  • Shared Memberships – allow guests on an account to share any membership(s)
  • Guest Portal – a guest-facing portal tied directly to their account for self-management


Booking events and making reservations can be labor intensive and time consuming, and there’s a lot of stuff that can go wrong. Luckily for you we’ve made this process much easier by streamlining the flow starting from initial set up all the way to customer check in. You can finally throw out the spreadsheets and Google Calendars.

  • Flexible – capable of handling any reservation or event bookings to match your needs
  • Online – allow customers to make reservations and bookings online from any device
  • eTickets – send your customers a customized eTicket upon sale for all ticketed events
  • Capacity Limits – set capacity limits to prevent overselling any of your events
  • Ticket Types – set up multiple ticket types with different pricing and quantity per event


There are few things worse than running out of inventory. When using Aluvii’s inventory module, you’ll always have the latest inventory information and know exactly where your inventory is and when it’s time to reorder. Combined with our point-of-sale module, it’ll feel almost automatic.

  • Real-Time Levels – keep track of inventory levels in real time
  • Location Tracking – set-up inventory sites to know what, where and how much
  • Reorder Point – avoid stockouts by setting reorder points by product
  • Physical Counts – counting inventory made easy with mobile-friendly forms
  • Integration – ties in perfectly with our POS module for seamless tracking


Liability waivers can be a hassle for you and your customers. So let’s move your waiver process online and eliminate annoying clipboards and filing cabinets. Even your customers will appreciate our simple interface and email receipt of their waiver. The best part is that it integrates directly with Aluvii’s customer database for tracking and sending marketing campaigns.

  • Touchscreen Ready – sign waivers using a mouse or finger on any device
  • Quick Lookup – look up waivers for quick verification
  • PDF Download – when occasion arises, download any signed waiver as a PDF
  • Simple Editor – include any custom waiver language with full editor
  • Integrated – ties directly into our membership management and customer database


We’ve taken the hard out of hardware by reinventing the way you interact with your devices. Now you can test functionality, configure settings, and check real-time statuses of every hardware device in your entire business from a single interface. Hardware management that’s hard to beat.

  • Print Anywhere – control and use your devices remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Share Hardware – share devices among staff reducing the need for more hardware
  • Auto-Detect – Aluvii auto-detects devices allowing for easy set up and usability
  • Single View – view all company devices and statuses from one simple interface


Using Aluvii’s built-in campaign builder you’re guaranteed to increase revenues, improve communication, and save time. By automating your customer communication, you can focus on your business and not stress over spreadsheets and uploading customer lists. Simply set it, and forget it.

  • Automated Campaigns – set up unlimited scheduled campaigns to specific customer sets
  • Custom Templates – create mobile-responsive email templates with easy-to-use editor
  • Target Customers – filter your customer list to hit the right customer segment
  • Variable Data – personalize your messaging using Aluvii templates


Managing your assets is important, but is usually not the top priority on your list. When it doesn’t happen you’re always wondering where stuff is and who used it last. We’ve made this process simple and built it right into the platform. We know what would happen if it was any other way.

  • Set Status – create custom statuses and mark against any asset
  • Employee Checkout – assign employees to check out equipment for better tracking
  • Types – categorize each asset by type for better grouping and organization
  • Location – separate and locate equipment using location settings

Sell Manage Staff Report

HR Management

Yep, that’s right. A full-blown HR system built right into your point-of-sale software. You’re always just one click away from managing employees, tracking pay rates, and monitoring productivity. That’s what business management should look like.

  • Secure Information – keep all sensitive information for each employee safely in one place
  • Org Chart – set up organizational charts to eliminate reporting confusion
  • Upload Documents – go paperless and upload documents into Aluvii’s file tracking
  • Dashboard – employees can stay current on key events, promotions, and metrics by viewing their dashboard
  • Integration – HR module integrates perfectly with scheduling & timekeeping modules


Most companies use separate software to handle employee timekeeping outside of their normal business software. We’ve reinvented this way of thinking and combined them all into one. You’re always just one click away from all your time management. You might have to see it to believe it.

  • Simple Clocking – enter your employee number and log a punch type from any device
  • Time-off Requests – request, approve, and track time-off requests
  • Time Change – something not right? submit or approve time-change forms on the fly
  • Dashboard – never miss a shift or be surprised about a paycheck; it’s on the dashboard

Sell Manage Staff Report

Track, Analyze & Take Action

Track and analyze key elements of your business and gain actionable insights for sales, products, inventory, registers, staffing, memberships and more. Making the right decisions for your business requires the right information, and we’re putting that information at your fingertips. Come into the light and give yourself the best chance to succeed.

  • Daily Transactions – track daily sales with register summaries and sales history reports
  • Memberships – follow overall growth or shrinkage and set markers to follow impact of promotions and campaigns
  • Inventory Management – make sure you always have enough of your top selling products
  • Timekeeping – stay up on employee clocking status including who’s in, out, and at break
  • Custom Filters – view any report exactly how you want with custom filtering
  • Export – all your favorite reports can be exported to Excel

Experience if for yourself!

Managing your entire park operations can be overwhelming. Aluvii makes it easy.