Self-Service Kiosk

Streamline your food orders, ticketing, timed sessions, and waivers with our advanced self-service kiosk.

self-service kiosk

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Advanced Features

Food, Tickets & Sessions

Allow customers to buy food, tickets, sessions, and more, all on their own

Accept Cash & Credit

Allow various payment options with credit card swipe or pay with cash at counter

Digital Waivers

Require customers to sign a waiver as part of the purchase process

Upsell & Custom Orders

Configure products to prompt for modifiers for upsell opportunities and order customization.

Kitchen Order Display

Food orders are sent to the kitchen with customer's name for streamlined fulfillment.

Customize to Your Brand

Impress customers with custom welcome screen, branded color, and personalized confirmation

Inactivity Timers

Set timeout periods to return to home screen after purchase and periods of inactivity

Email Receipts

Collect customer email addresses for receipts and future marketing purposes

Use Your Own Hardware

Built on the latest web technology, customers can make kiosk orders from their own smart phone

Self-Service for the rest Of Us

Self-service has historically only been within reach for fortune 500 companies, but because Aluvii is built with modern web technology, it is now affordable for any facility on any web-enabled device, including your customers’ cell phones.
Affordable Self Kiosk


Aluvii’s kiosk was designed from inception to have a return on investment from the very first month. 
The immediate reduction in payroll, increased sales from upsell prompts, a low monthly subscription, and a wide selection of hardware options all combine together to make the self-service kiosk a no-brainer for most facilities.

Reduce Payroll

It is no secret that self-service kiosks reduce payroll – each kiosk has the capability of replacing one cashier. 

Airlines have reaped this benefit for decades, more and more grocery stores, movie theaters, and fast food restaurants adopt them each year, and now Aluvii has made them accessible to the amusement and leisure industry. 

self-service kiosk
self-service kiosk

Shorten Lines

Handling overflow with Self-service kiosk is more affordable than over staffing cashiers.

Predicting and scheduling cashiers to absorb fluctuations in guest demand becomes less critical as guests overflow to self-service kiosks.

Nail the First Impression

Impress your customers right at the entrance with the sleek, modern look and feel of touchscreen kiosks.

The smooth flow of the purchase process on the kiosk interface puts your customers in the right state of mind to enjoy your facilities.

Affordable Kiosk
self-service kiosk

Stand-Alone Kiosk Pricing