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About Aluvii

Aluvii is a software development company headquartered in Lehi, Utah and has delivered a fundamentally new approach to managing business in the amusement and leisure markets including amusement parks, waterparks, fun centers, zoos, museums, restaurants, ski areas and other industries.

Aluvii’s new approach brings all key modules together into one software solution and then hosts it in the cloud, making it very affordable, easy to set up and use, accessible on any device, and allows organizations to share data across multiple locations.

Aluvii’s core modules include ticketing, point of sale, membership management, E-Commerce, guest portal, event scheduling, inventory management, HR & timekeeping, sales & marketing, and much more.

Mission Statement & Values

We write, deliver, and support all-in-one POS software solutions that businesses in the amusement and leisure markets can use as a sound platform to grow business on.

Our mission is to help these businesses take the focus off of technology and put it back on creating fun and memories for their customers.

Aluvii Fast Facts

  • Aluvii delivers a fundamentally new approach to full-service POS software bringing all modules together into one system and then hosting it in the cloud.
  • Aluvii is a wonderfully simple cloud solution that allows new customers to get up and running in a mater of days.
  • Aluvii has the lowest cost of ownership of solutions in its category requiring no additional software or hardware to set up or IT staff to manage.
  • Aluvii is used by amusement, leisure, and hospitality businesses across the U.S. and positioning for international expansion.
  • Aluvii is a well-funded, privately-held company with plans of securing additional growth funding.
  • Aluvii is headquartered in Lehi, Utah with a satellite office in Salt Lake City.

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