Our Customers Love Aluvii

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers are saying.

Gary Brinton

Seven Peaks Waterpark
GARY BRINTON - Seven Peaks Waterpark

“We’ve literally saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with Aluvii. No more licensing fees. No more upgrade fees. No more IT staff. This is single-handedly the best move we’ve made in eighteen years.”


Utah Motorsports Campus
VICKI ZOLLINGER - Utah Motorsports Campus
“We had three days before our first big event and not sure how we were going to pull it off but Aluvii made it happen. They came in, laid out a plan, and we were up and running with a successful event.”

“We really like the digital pass. Our customers now enter the park using their phone. No more plastic cards.”

“Bringing all modules together into one software is brilliant. We’ve saved thousands of dollars and our learning curve has proven to be much shorter.”

“We were impressed with how easy it was to set up and use. Our staff had no problem customizing the POS section and setting up our products.”

“For the first time ever customers are accessing our different locations without an issue. They swipe their card and boom! That’s it. And we can now pull reports from all locations into one computer.”

“We’ve invested in a lot of hardware, printers, card readers, and so on and we were a bit worried about making any change, but Aluvii works with all of it. They made it easy.”

“We’ve got Aluvii running on desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, you name it. The accessibility is fantastic. And our customer access has never been better”

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Managing your entire park operations can be overwhelming. Aluvii makes it easy.