Increase and manage attendance with full-featured advanced ticketing, will call, access control, and more.

Ticketing Software

Advanced Features

Thermal & e-Tickets

Impress customers with custom-designed electronic and thermal ticket templates

Advanced rules

Support advanced ticketing scenarios with variable expiration dates, day and time validation restrictions, etc.

Will Call

Lookup, reprint, and validate tickets allowing online purchase and onsite pickup

Access Control

Scan and validate barcoded tickets quickly at the entrance for a smooth customer experience

Mobile App

Bust lines with Aluvii's purpose-built access control mobile app. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows

Turnstile Integration

Integrates with your favorite turnstile brand for added security and professionalism

secondary templates

Automatically print physical tickets at will call by scanning print-at-home ticket vouchers

Ticket printers

Integrates with all major ticket printers so you can use your existing hardware devices

Timed Sessions

Reserve slots at your facility with timed sessions and capacity management so you never overbook.

Leading the Industry

Aluvii is one of the leading ticketing solutions in the industry, and it integrates seamlessly with our built-in eCommerce, POS, and Access Control modules. From creating fully customizable templates in the back office to scanning tickets at the front entrance, there’s nothing more you’ll need from a ticketing software. 

Ticketing Software

Advanced Ticketing

From high volume ski areas, zoos and water parks to lower volume indoor playgrounds, aqua parks, and trampoline parks, Aluvii’s ticketing functionality is both broad and deep to support the most advanced ticketing scenarios.  

A mobile app for access control on iOS, Android, and Windows devices accommodates day to day access control needs as well as line busting activities.   

Ticket Media

Print professional tickets to various ticket media including stickers for ski area applications, thermal ticket stock for admission ticket scenarios, wristbands for facilities where guests can come and go, thermal paper stock for disposable tickets, electronic and PDF tickets, and more. 

Ticketing Software
Ticketing Software

Will Call 

Utilize Aluvii’s full-service will call for ticket pickup, reprinting lost tickets, consuming tickets, customer check in, waiver lookup, and more. 

Search for tickets using various search criteria such as customer name, email, last four of credit card, and transaction Id to view ticket attributes such as date printed, barcode, ticket type, product name, etc.  

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Ticketing Software
Ticketing Software
Ticketing Software
Ticketing Software
Ticketing Software

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