Aluvii Five Tiers of Support

Aluvii provides five tiers of support to help your business succeed.


Tier 1

Train Your Team

Our first matter of business after deployment is an extensive online training with you and your team. After the training, you will be equipt with the knowledge you need to use Aluvii.


Tier 2

Interactive Self Help

Once you are up and running with Aluvii, there are a variety of searcheable resources directly in the software to help you become an expert, including interactive walkthroughs, in-depth articles by module and feature, overview videos, and much more.


Tier 3

Email Support Ticket

If you are still having trouble finding the answer to your questions, submit a support ticket, and someone from Aluvii’s support team will contact you directly. There is no limit on the number of support tickets.

Click here to submit a ticket

Tier 4

Aluvii Support Manager

We will assign you an Aluvii support manager to answer any questions you have. All sta members must work through your single point of contact when communicating with Aluvii’s support manager.


Tier 5

Aluvii Call Center

For phone support, Aluvii provides experts on hand to take your calls and escalate any urgent issues.

Call us at 801-901-7900