Aluvii Technical Requirements

Before using Aluvii, make sure the requirements below are met


Requirement 1

Use the Right Operating System

Most peripheral hardware devices are made for specific operating systems. Make sure that the computer you are using is the right fit for your peripheral devices. Windows 7 or higher is required when connecting your Aluvii system to hardware. Contact us with any questions at aluvii.com/contact.


Requirement 2

Use Recommended Hardware

Minimum System Requirements include 4GB RAM, 128 GB hard drive, i3 processor, Windows 7 or 10 operating system.

Be sure that the hardware you use is on Aluvii’s recommended hardware list, or has been approved by Aluvii. Do NOT use 1D barcode scanners, bluetooth cash drawers and receipt printers, or low-performance computers.


Requirement 3

Use Google Chrome

For optimal performance, use the latest version of Google Chrome browser. All major browsers are supported but not recommended.


Requirement 4

Use Wired Internet

Using a wired internet connection will guarantee the fastest speed and reliability available on your network. Using wifi is not recommended. Maintaining 20 Mbps is the suggested internet speed requirement. The faster the internet, the better the performance.