How To Manage Your Ski Resort Rentals

ski resort rentals

Running a ski resort can be incredibly rewarding. Every day of the season you get the
opportunity to provide memorable experiences to others. Your resort is likely a
destination for local and vacationing families, locals, young people, and even athletes. All
of this is set in the backdrop of a mountainous, wintery wonderland.

However, that doesn’t mean helming a resort destination isn’t incredibly hard work. Ski
resorts have their own specific sets of challenges in the world of amusement business. An
owner-operator deals with many liabilities and responsibilities.

One of the many responsibilities of a ski resort owner is providing adequate rental
equipment. As visitors to your resort likely don’t have all of the needed gear (or don’t
want to travel with it), they rely on the rentals that you provide. As if finding, providing,
and maintaining quality, safe equipment isn’t enough, you also have to figure out how to
add this business-within-a-business into your point of sale.

Most other types of amusement or family recreation businesses don’t require the scale or
quality of gear that ski rentals do and therefore don’t face this specific challenge.
However, ski rentals don’t have to be a hurdle for your company to overcome. Here are a
few ways that an all-in-one management company like Aluvii can streamline your
business and your rental process:

Ski Rentals Are Included in Broader POS

Alongside your typical systems of resort reservations and lift tickets, ski rentals are
included in the program. It’s no longer necessary to use an a la carte program for your
rental division; the program has the power to stand as a POS for rentals within your
broader POS. Simultaneously, it provides an intuitive, powerful inventory tracking
feature. With ski rentals, it’s imperative to keep track of not what you have on hand, but
also its status – what’s new, what’s damaged, what sizes they are in, etc. With Aluvii, it’s
a straightforward task.

Ski School Is on the Books

In addition to ski rentals being included as part of the point-of-sale suite, ski school could
also be part of the package. Providing accredited lessons is another unique challenge of
ski resorts, compared with the rest of the amusement world. Not only can an all-inclusive
program keep track of payments made to instructors as part of the POS, it can also keep
scheduling and cancellations organized.

Refreshingly Easy Refreshments

In the food industry, it’s imperative to have a POS that is quick, responsive, and
extremely customizable. For that reason, it’s tempting to invest in separate programs for
food sales, as the styling and needs of a refreshment POS are often different from what

you would use at the front desk or the gift shop. With Aluvii, an all-in-one system can be
extensively customized to your requirements, depending on what your resort is serving.

Keep Track on Mobile

Because Aluvii exists in the cloud and has mobile capabilities, it’s not only possible to
book reservations for your stay and tickets via mobile, you can also customize mobile
booking for ski rentals, ski lessons, or even an onsite restaurant. The platform is provided
in the POS, but the world is at your fingertips in terms of customizing it to fit your needs.

Marketing Is Automated (If You Want)

You’re running a resort. You’re busy. Running marketing campaigns is a task that is ever-
changing for you and your team, and it can often feel like the job is never done. Through
all-in-one amusement and leisure software, many marketing campaigns can be
automated. The program keeps working for you, even when you’re sleeping. Marketing
campaigns don’t stop at tickets and reservations. You have the option to run campaigns
based on rental specials, new refreshment offerings, or deals on ski or snowboarding
lessons. The possibilities are endless for your marketing goals.

If you are looking for an affordable, streamlined program to help run your ski resort and
rental business – look no further. Aluvii is completely customizable to help you meet
your needs to the fullest. This powerful cloud-based system will change your life and
business for the better, and it is extremely affordable. Find out more !

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