What Ticketing System Should You Use For Your Theme Park?

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Whether you’re running an amusement park, trampoline park, aquatic park, or family fun
center – your first goal is fun. However, dealing with a ticketing system that is falling
short can cause big problems. Searching for the answer might be a challenge itself. The
many options in the world of amusement ticketing can make searching for the right
program for your specific business or franchise daunting. It can also feel overwhelming
to consider the possibility of overhauling your entire existing system, even if you don’t
really like the one you have.

Some parks take a traditional approach to ticketing, while other companies choose
something more mobile and high-tech. Almost all the available methods have some
crossover, but different approaches can be customized to suit your unique needs. Maybe
your ticketing system works well enough, but you are tired of running multiple programs
to get the job done. At the end of the day, you want a ticketing program that will run
smoothly to better serve your guests and staff. Here are a few different ways amusement
businesses can handle their ticketing duties.

Traditional Ticketing

Some entities still rely on a will-call system, or mailing or printing physical tickets. Of
course, it’s also possible to purchase tickets directly at the point of sale. There is usually
some degree of reliance on a third-party vendor for the online side, as well. The biggest
pros are that this is simple to run, low-tech, and low maintenance.

The cons are that it isn’t streamlined, wastes paper, and relies on software that is not
always secure. Many customers expect a mobile option because they don’t want to wait
at will-call or in a ticket line – it’s become the norm for many. Additionally, it is less
common to use a printer at home. Nonetheless, having a functional, smooth running
ticket desk and will call system is still needed in some form or fashion, as individuals will
still occasionally buy tickets on arrival.

Mobile Ticketing Software & Apps

Most customers and guests plan their trip to an amusement park weeks or months in
advance – relying on technology to get their itinerary in place. Increasingly, they don’t
want to spend valuable recreation time standing in a ticket line. Gone are the days when
moms and dads want to stuff four or five bulky paper tickets from their home printer into
their backpack or diaper bags. What do they want? A mobile ticket from an app or
website. E-tickets can be screenshot or bookmarked, and it’s easy to coordinate group
tickets for larger groups. It helps the day run that much more smoothly to have everything
streamlined and organized.

Paper tickets are increasingly less common, and more customers will rely on advanced
tech in coming years. Overall, mobile ticketing is a smart option with lots of perks for
your customers.

All-in-One Software

Though there are many excellent mobile ticketing software options, all-in-one software is
the ticketing option that rules them all. Affordable amusement management systems like
Aluvii are built specifically for amusement parks, water parks, family fun centers, and ski
resorts. The express purpose of the program is your ease of use. Your will-call and on-
arrival sales have a place in the system, as do mobile tickets – all of this is bundled up in
an easy-to-use system that also encompasses your point of sale. Additionally, guests can
sign necessary waivers on one platform before they arrive.

Another huge benefit to using all-in-one software is that it cuts down on cost, paper
waste, and multiple membership fees for a la carte digital services. This software is life
changing for amusement park companies. Even if you are satisfied with your ticketing
software, you may be tired of fighting to sync up multiple individual programs or
applications to get a good result. Aluvii streamlines every aspect of mobile and in-person
access, making ticketing a breeze.

Different amusement parks, aqua and wake parks, family fun centers, trampoline parks,
and ski resorts all have different needs. The one thing they all have in common is the
need for easy, inviting access provided through the ticketing process. Let Aluvii change
your ticketing for the better.

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