How to Find a POS Strategy that Works

Retailers, restaurants, aquariums, and amusement parks all have one thing in common—good business relies on finding a PoS marketing strategy that works.

A well-oiled POS system drives sales and makes your life a whole lot easier, but finding out the right combination for your industry and unique business is a challenge.

With people standing in line at your ticket counter, ordering from your menu, or browsing options online, how do you maximize profits and make the customer experience smooth and enjoyable?

Let’s look at a few PoS marketing strategies you can start using right now to get a little more juice out of your point of sale transactions.

Grab Their Attention

Customers can’t buy something if they don’t know about it. From buy-one-get-one shoes at the factory outlet to special weekend passes at an amusement park, the first step towards making the sale is grabbing attention.

And what’s one of the easiest, most effective ways to grab attention known to man? Setting up a few attractive signs with powerful messaging, that’s what.

Humans have been using signs to advertise for thousands of years. As customers, we expect to see advertisements and signage when we enter a point of sale, so your signs had better be good and communicate value to stand out from the background noise at a busy register or snare attention during the lightning-fast checkout decisions online.

At a point of sale, people are already focused on money. What better way to tap into that mental pre-conditioning than to help them save money?

If your weekend park pass saves customers 20% over the price of two individual days, tell them. If they’ll save an average of $25 on included meals with your special grand re-opening event, tell them. Buyers want to see real, concrete savings—not vague promises. Back up your PoS offers with hard numbers and percents whenever possible.

Spruce Up Your Displays

Depending on your industry, your business’ display methods at different points of sale will vary. Retailers might be talking about shelves, restaurants rely on menus, and amusement parks might even deploy mobile carts with card readers. But the name of the game is the same—make your displays as inviting as possible and reap the rewards.

Think of the last time you went to the store and saw the shelves in disarray. Clutter, dirt, and disorganization kill sales and can ruin the shopping experience for buyers in just about any industry.

For a restaurant that might mean having no (or very poor) pictures on your menu. For a water park, that might mean failing to show off your hottest attractions on your website and at ticket kiosks.

The organization, color, and cleanliness give buyers confidence that what they’re purchasing is worth the money.

Embrace Change

In the past, trial and error with your PoS marketing strategy meant wasted time and resources. But with modern cloud-based PoS systems like Aluvii, what used to be trial and error is now quickly becoming simple, effective A/B testing.

Aluvii centralizes and tracks all of your sales data, so you can see which products, packages, and services are being purchased, how often and how they’re being purchased, and just about every other metric you can think of.

You’ll be able to quickly analyze which sale items have been a big hit, which ticket packages might need to be discontinued, and whether you have five thousand pounds of cotton candy clogging your warehouse that slipped through the cracks.

PoS solutions like Aluvii let you identify patterns and act on those buying behaviors to see the biggest benefit.

Never Stop Innovating

There’s no comprehensive PoS marketing strategy that works 100% for every business. A museum simply can’t adopt McDonald’s winning strategy and expect to succeed, just like a zoo can’t follow Walmart’s business model to a T.

Discovering the best PoS marketing strategy ultimately falls to you. In the past, that would be a tall task that might need years of fine-tuning to perfect. But businesses today can make use of powerful PoS software to speed up the process, eliminating the guesswork and finding a winning formula way ahead of schedule.

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Greg Heaps
Greg Heaps
Greg brings more than 25 years experience in sales, marketing and overall business operations to Aluvii. He is a highly accomplished branding expert and recognized leader in demand generation. An avid outdoorsman, you can often find him on the slopes, in the mountains, on the beach, or at the lake.

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